Oct 29


So, I’ve been out of the gun blogging world for quite a while, but I found out that one of the clan is in need so a raffle has been set up to try and help them out.  You can find out more about it right here.

I’ve thrown in and I am offering up a set of grips for two winners.  So that’s two sets of grips that are up for grabs.  These can be custom made grips (within reason, of course) or something that I already have in my inventory.

Please, go and buy a raffle ticket or ten!  This is a very deserving family and there are some great prizes available too!

List of prizes are here too!

Gun Raffle Packages pt 1…

Gun Raffle Packages pt 2…

Oct 23

New Addition

So, I’m not the best social media guy in the world, that’s just the way it is.  But I’ll share with you that my wife and I have recently added another member to the family, our newest daughter Jessica.

Born 10-7-2017 she is totally different from all of her siblings.  While her sister Samantha is quiet as a mouse even when she is hungry, Jessie will let you know very loudly that she would like to be fed thankyouverymuch.  She’s got her mom’s looks and my hair color and since this makes four I’m thinking we might be done having kids finally.

Anyway, a belated Happy Birthday to my daughter Jessie (click in for a photo)

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Yes, yes.  It has been a while since I have posted.  I’m not much of a blogger so you’ll have to forgive the infrequent posts.

Anyway, I have still been working and refining the grip making process as well and coming up with a few new designs that I should have ready for sale sometime next week.  to give you a sneak peak at them, here are some shots of a few of them in progress. → Read more

The amount of stupid in this ‘article’ in the NY Daily News deserves a fisking and since I will not disturb the ILoH from his writings, I have decided to address it myself.

The mashed words from the special snowflake are normal, my comments in bold.

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Jun 05

Launch Date

Today is launch day.  I’m pretty sure everything important is working, the shop, checkout, email and the like.

Whatever bugs are remaining in the dark corners of the ‘verse I’ll find and get taken care of in the coming weeks, but as it is I have the Templar Series grips up and running (all but the Teutonic – Black Cross, White Field and the Black Knight – Black Cross, Red Field),  I have some of the wood burned grips up and some composites as well.

The Thin Line series of grips will be coming up soon as well.  It’s a series of grips to honor the police, fire and EMS men and women who put it on the line every day for a country that, it seems, is indifferent to them.  Proceeds from those sales will go to charities that support their organizations.

I will be adding Officer grips to the lineup in the next few weeks and they will have many of the same designs that are available with the Full Size grips.  I will also be adding wind chimes to the product offerings as well as some other items that fall under general wood working such as shaving boxes and eventually – FURNITURE!

Yes, this site will be more than just grips, and for grips I will expand to more than just 1911 grips as soon as I have the patterns made.  So please keep an eye on this site for the additions and changes that will be coming.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me via the contact page.