About Me

I guess I could say ‘Us’ in the title.  It’s pretty much a one man show but my son does help out with cleaning the shop because, well, he loves cleaning.  So technically it’s “we”.

I started this for one reason really, my wife bought herself a revolver and the grips were too large to fit comfortably in her hands.  So, being the kind of person I am I first looked around for some grips that would work and guess what!  They were all the same size!

So, I grabbed my tools and some wood and made her a set of grips that fit her hand.  After that I decided to make myself a set of grips and it just kind of went on from there.  I started getting asked by people where I got my grips and then, once they found out, being asked to make them a set and because of that, here I am now.