Yes, yes.  It has been a while since I have posted.  I’m not much of a blogger so you’ll have to forgive the infrequent posts.

Anyway, I have still been working and refining the grip making process as well and coming up with a few new designs that I should have ready for sale sometime next week.  to give you a sneak peak at them, here are some shots of a few of them in progress.

The “Arrowhead is the first.  Now, I already have this available for sale, but what is new is that I am adding Olivewood (second from the right) and Cherry (far right) to the lineup.

I’ve also got another design in the works as well.  This one I am calling the “Archer” unless I think of something I like better.  Again, it will be available in Purpleheart, Paduak, Olivewood and Cherry.

So, those will be up soon and I also have a couple more ideas on the drawing board that I will roll out in the next few weeks as well as some shots of these grips to show more details of their design and features (yep, they have some things I haven’t seen on other grips, so stay tuned)



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